Our Principles

BET’s principles of “enjoy, respect, achieve” underpin its vision to give all pupils an outstanding education and develop skills not just in the classroom but beyond. These core values help students flourish in and out of school.


“It’s cool to learn at Bohunt” – Student quoted by Ofsted.

At Bohunt Wokingham enjoyable learning takes place in a stimulating, vibrant environment and within a framework of high expectation. Our challenge-based learning uses the latest technologies, builds motivation and encourages our students to become independent learners equipped with the skills and resilience to succeed in the future.

Students will be encouraged to take an active role in their learning and in the culture of the school: they will participate in staff appointments, lead charity events and fundraising, attend Governors’ Meetings and consult with Departments on approaches to learning.

Bohunt provides an exciting programme of lessons that teaches students how best to use new technologies, creates a growth mindset and habits of the mind through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) projects and by its experiential nature develops a wide range of skills and qualities including resilience, team working and self-confidence.

Our innovative approach enables our students to broaden their horizons, develop their interests and engenders a passion for learning and develop the capacity to become ‘game-changers’.

“I was so overwhelmed at how much energy our drama teacher has! Ever since our first drama lesson, I have never wanted to leave the lesson. This is a lesson where I can really be me.” – Ellie.

“I’m enjoying all of my lessons and making lots of new friends. I am having such a good time and I know that there is a lot more to look forward to in the future.” – Isaac.

“Our son is very happy. The teachers are very dedicated and he enjoys all the lessons and goes to several different after-schools clubs run by the teachers. So glad we chose the school” – parent via Facebook.


Respect is the bridge between enjoyment and achievement.

We promote a strong sense of self-worth combined with a respect for others. Consistently high expectations are embedded within an environment that is founded on mutually respectful relationships between students, staff and parents. After joining Bohunt Wokingham, students will be placed into houses, each of which has a tutor group from each year. The Houses are effectively small schools within the School, which enable students to support each other and assume leadership under the guidance of tutors, Achievement Coordinators and Senior Leaders. The House system ensures that our young people are nurtured during the transition from their Primary Schools and throughout their journey with us. Our learners’ sense of ownership and belonging is fostered by encouraging them to perform in school assemblies, help maintain the school environment, support local charities and represent the school in local, national and international contexts.

“Bohunt gives you loads of new opportunities” – Nicholas.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of my school years here” – Roza

”As soon as I stepped in I felt welcomed” – Anya.

“My daughter is at Bohunt and she loves it! I’m really impressed too. Enthusiastic kids and enthusiastic teachers. A really great school.” Parent, via Facebook.


“Bohunt School manages the incredibly difficult trick of excelling across the board, not just academically but in terms of students’ personal development, too.” TES Award Judges on why Bohunt won ‘Overall School of the Year.’

Highly qualified and skilled staff will offer exceptional experiences outside of the curriculum and beyond the school gates. Students will be challenged to work things out for themselves, take risks and experience new ideas, emotions and activities. The opportunity to reflect on how they impacted on others and how they can improve in the future develops teamwork, leadership skills and resilience.

“Bohunt is an amazing School!” – Katie.

“I enjoy all the lessons here, we are challenged more” – Jasmine.

“It is everything we hoped for and more. My daughter loves it and is absolutely flourishing there. All the children are great and seem very happy. Great teachers, we cannot fault the school whatsoever.” Parent – Via Facebook.