New recommended reading lists and free online books

Useful Information for English

Please see below the recommended current reads for year 7 and 8.

Accelerated Reader Scheme

We use the accelerated reader scheme here at Bohunt, whereby students can quiz on books that they have read, compete with themselves to get better scores and test their vocabulary. This scheme has been proven to help motivate students to read and it also enables us to track what they are reading and encourage them to choose more challenging texts each time. We have some students that have even read over 6 million words in one term! There is an expectation that students read at least 20 minutes per night-with an aim to read a book every 2-3 weeks. This is part of the students’ English homework.

E-Platform – online reading library 

We also have access to an e platform which the students all have logins to. Here, they can access a multitude of books to read on their iPad. We recommend a mix of actual books and iPad reading.


Please see below for a link to a parents’ guide to Accelerated Reader. There are QR codes for the students to login to our e-platform and accelerated reader scheme too: