Ofsted Report

Bohunt School Wokingham this week received a glowing first Ofsted Report , with inspectors rating the effectiveness of leadership and management, and the personal development and welfare of pupils, as ‘Outstanding’.

Reflective of the success achieved in its first three years, Ofsted recognised that the “overall educational experience for many pupils at the school is ‘life-changing’.”

Inspectors praised school leaders, governors and the Trust for having a “clear and uncompromising vision” for the School, with leaders being ambitious for “academic excellence” and for pupils to “become confident, resilient and independent.”

Ofsted commended the Trust and school leaders for establishing a “highly aspirational culture” which develops the potential of all members of the School community

Alongside the high expectations and morale, inspectors recognised the “great pride” that students take in their school. The report, which rated the School as ‘Good’ overall, noted that “pupils love coming to school” and that they are “completely engaged in their learning”, demonstrating excellent behaviour in and out of lessons. Inspectors commented that rarely had they seen attitudes and engagement levels as strong as here, in the other schools they had inspected.

Amongst the many strengths of the report, Ofsted also highlighted:

  • The “highly effective” relationships between staff and students help them to feel secure and promote their learning and personal development very well;
  • The “capable and experienced governors” carry out their duties “conscientiously and rigorously.” They visit regularly and have an accurate understanding of the school;
  • The rich curriculum offers pupils a wide choice of subjects, with the taught curriculum being enhanced well by an “exceptionally wide range of extracurricular activities and trips”, in line with the Trust’s vision for Outdoor Education and creating a generation of game changers;
  • Inspectors highlighted that parents and carers are “overwhelmingly supportive of the School” and appreciate its strengths.


Commenting on the Ofsted report, Bohunt School Wokingham, Chair of Governors Karen Hampton said:

“On behalf of the Local Governing body, it has been a real privilege to support and contribute to the School’s successful journey, since it first opened three years ago. I am delighted that Ofsted has recognised the strength of leadership and the positive and aspirational culture and community that we have established, amongst many other things. I am confident that the School will continue on this upward trajectory and look forward to a very bright future for Bohunt School Wokingham.”


Headteacher Ben Godber said:

“I am absolutely delighted that Ofsted has recognised the success of Bohunt School Wokingham in its first inspection since opening. We take enormous pride in all aspects of our school and it is wonderful to see our culture of high expectations, strong school community, pupil development and leadership recognised in this way. I would like to thank the students, staff, leadership team, governors and Bohunt Education Trust, all of whom have worked tirelessly to make Bohunt School Wokingham the inspirational place it is today. We have laid fantastic foundations and are now ready for the next exciting stage of our life as we move on to becoming a full school by 2021” 


Neil Strowger, Chief Executive Officer, Bohunt Education Trust:

“We are committed to providing our schools with the support and tools necessary to ensure the provision of educational excellence for students. Receiving an Outstanding rating in two key categories within its first three years of opening is a fantastic accomplishment for Bohunt School Wokingham and I congratulate everyone involved. We look forward to working with the School to ensure it continues to build on its successes.”