Resources for students.

Useful websites and apps for Language learning


Languages online
Interactive exercises linked to the modules we are covering.

Ivona is a text-to-speech free website. Provided you select a French voice, any words or sentences you input in French will be correctly sounded out for you.

Wordreference is an online bilingual dictionary. It will translate words for you and give you a context in case there are multiple possible translations.

BBC primary French
A very useful website for revision, as it contains many interactive games and sound bites.

Euroclub Schools
A website summarising French culture and history, for general knowledge.


Also a website. All pupils already have an account and can learn independently or revise the vocabulary covered in class. And parents can join in too and compete against the Year 7. In the Memrise courses, type in Bohunt and let’s get the competition on its way.

Also a website. Pupils already have accounts. Vocabulary practice. Pupils have been sent flashcards, with the French words and their pronunciation, and the English at the back of the flashcards. They can practise independently and flag up the words they struggle with.

Also a website. Pupils already have accounts. More advanced. Pupils will be exposed to vocabulary and grammar points which have not yet been covered in class. Highly addictive. Available (and free) to all in a variety of languages.

Useful Information for English

English Recommended Reading lists

Recommended SLS Booklists for Year 7

Recommended SLS Booklists for Year 8

Recommended SMSC Secondary SLS Booklists

Interesting and useful websites for Art
View the works of famous artists as well as read about them in their biographies.
This site’s mission is to become the definitive and most effective guide to museum-quality fine art on the Internet. You can access the comprehensive index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources.

Useful websites for History

Helpful Maths Websites

Corbitt maths

Miss B

Mr Barton

Students have their own login for the following websites:



Extra information on Mastery:

Mathematics Mastery

What is it and why we should be doing it

Useful Apps and websites for Music



Theory Lessons

Music Theory Pro


Novation Launchpad


PE Department: Useful websites and links

Department information
Twitter: @Bohuntwokingham

Club Links

Eversley Cricket Club

Finchampstead Netball Club

Redingensians RFC

Reading RFC

Reading Rockets (Basketball)

Reading Lions (Handball)

Wokingham Tennis Club

Useful Websites

Fitness Revision

Fitness Revision

Useful Apps
Dartfish: Used for video analysis
Physical Education Pocket Poster
Planet PE: Revision for theory topics

Useful Science Websites

BBC bitesize
Excellent website for revising key topics in science if you want to remind yourself of school level science. This is also a good website for homework.

New Scientist
A higher level of science publication but very useful if you want to read up on breakthrough science.

FUSE School
This is a youtube channel which is brilliant for easy to understand but detailed scientific videos

Another youtube channel.  This is the educational arm of TED (an institute of thought provoking lectures).  This has a higher level of video than FUSE, but again very well produced. This channel covers more than just science so you may have to search for a specific topic.

Another youtube channel. These are slightly more fast paced and light hearted videos but still are brilliant to watch.